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MOTOMANSync is the interface between the FS100 robot controller and a PC or a PLC. The robot program is stored on a PC or PLC and the move commands are transferred to the robot controller in real time as well as the usual I/O communications.

As such the robot controller only functions as a motion controller and the program flow and the motion definition is handled by the PC or PLC. This method eliminates the need to learn robot language. The programmer uses the well-known high-level language in the PC or PLC to create the program. In a large production line the complexity of programming can be reduced significantly.

In today's global deployment of equipment it is an advantage when programmers can program with their usual programming methods. Communications with out other system components such as cameras and sensors can also be accommodated in the same programming environment.


Example of a system with a centralised machine controller

The diagram below demonstrates a system with with a machine controller as the main control for all elements such as sensors, servo motors, frequency-controlled motors and also robots. MotomanSync provides a unified progfamming environment for all devices.

MotomanSync is offered in two versions. Either PC based on Ethernet (UDP) and PLC or other control on Real-time Ethernet (Ethernet / IP or Profinet). All Motoman robots with an FS100 controller can be controlled with this function.

FS100 robot controller

Machine controller

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